Bureau of Elections


Shari A. Brewer, Director                                       

Floor LL, County Government Center                                 

Melissa Herrit, Registrar      Chantell McCurdy, Registrar 
724-284-5309 724-284-5308



124 West Diamond Street                                                    

P.O. Box 1208

Butler, PA 16003

Phone: 724-284-5309

Fax: 724-284-5311             




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The Registration Office and the Bureau Of Elections office is staffed by the three people listed above.

The Voter Registration section is responsible for maintaining and updating approximately 122,000 plus active and inactive registered voters in Butler County. We receive approximately 20,000 change of addresses from the Department of Transportation annually. Most of our new registrations are from the Driver License Photo Centers. Under the Pennsylvania Voter Registration Act of 1995, if you registered to vote and have not moved, you will always be registered to vote for any Primary or Election.

The Bureau of Elections section is responsible for conducting Primaries and General Elections. It takes approximately three months to plan and prepare for each election and three to four weeks to close and certify.

We are responsible for candidates who run for office on the Federal, Judicial, State, County, City, Township, Borough, School District, Precinct and Party Levels. On Election Day we go from a staff of 3 to a staff of well over 500. We also maintain records and history of 1,300 plus elected officials.

Our annual budget is approximately $400,000. We must plan for 100% voter turnout, so if you do not vote it is like taking a dollar bill out of your pocket and throwing it in the wastebasket. So please...


Legislative and Elected Officials

Primary Election MAY 21, 2019

Precincts open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM


Election Night Returns


Election Ballot Preview


Federal Write-in Absentee Ballots for Military and Overseas Voters
(May require PDF Reader.)