WWII Veteran Pavers


Veterans' Pavers

The Butler County WW II Committee is conducting a fund raiser to fund the cost of the W W II Memorial that will be placed in Diamond Park. The fund raiser consists of offering granite pavers "4 x "9 (Bricks) for ANY honorable discharge veteran (must have a straight Honorable Discharge), from ANY era for a donation of $200.00. The donation is TAX deductible. To include veterans that have passed on. All pavers will be uniform. Meaning, there will be 3 lines, 20 characters per line (including spaces).




The first line will consist of Veterans Name (Rank is optional). The second line will have the organization. US ARMY, AIR FORCE, etc... to include members of the Merchant Marines (WHO CAN PRODUCE AN HONORABLE DISCHARGE). The third line will have the dates of service. The pavers will replace the three deteriorating cement rings in Diamond Park. Since the bricks are made of granite, they will last a life time.

The only problem is, there is only enough room for approximately 3400 pavers. There are nearly 20,000 veterans in Butler County therefore, it will be on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.





You can download the Granite Paver Order Form HERE.


It can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.