Services Provided by Juvenile Court Services

Youth Intervention Group
The Y.I.G. is a 6-8 week program for low risk juveniles before the Court for the first time. The purpose of the group is to give the juvenile information regarding but not limited to: Drugs, Facilitating Change, Pro-Social Skills, Life Skills, and Bullying. Non Traditional hours home visits are also utilized.

Adolescent Sexual Offender Group
The juvenile sexual offender group provides lower risk adolescents sex education as well as behavior modification and is a community based treatment option. This group enables youthful offenders to remain in their homes, attend school, and receive increased supervision/treatment in a balanced and safe manner.
Community Service
The majority of juveniles under supervision of Juvenile Court Services are directed to complete community service. Juveniles have the opportunity to complete community service on their own at a non profit or they may participate in community service projects sponsored by Juvenile Court Services.

Restitution Program
Juveniles, on a consent decree or formal probation, who owe restitution to a victim(s) have the opportunity to apply to the Court or Juvenile Court Services for inclusion in the Restitution Program. Upon acceptance into the program and contingent on the completion of any court ordered community service, the juvenile may perform community service at an approved location and receive a minimum wage credit for each hour completed. Those credits will then be converted into actual dollars from the Restitution Fund and sent to the victim(s).