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Jury Duty


Jury Assembly Room

4th Floor of Butler County Government/Judicial Center

124 West Diamond Street

Butler, PA 16001

Phone: 724-284-5297


ATTENTION: Butler County Judge Thomas Doerr is warning residents about a new scam that involves the Courts.

At least one woman wired money to a phony deputy when she received notice in the mail that she had missed jury duty and a bench warrant had been issued for her. The notice alleges to have come from President Judge, Thomas J. Doerr and gives a date and time the recipient must appear in court.

There are no warrants pending for failure at jury duty in Butler County. No one should wire money. (Judge Doerr notes that the courts have the power to issue a warrant for someone who fails to appear at jury duty, but it just hasn't been a problem in Butler County. Less than 1% of those summoned for jury duty do not show up on time. Court Administration has telephoned these people, and they arrived late.)

In this case, the scam asks people to wire money to a "Deputy Evans". The county does not employ a Deputy Evans. And, once money is sent by wire it is very difficult to ever get back.


posted: April 15, 2015



Butler County Jury Management


The Office of Jury Management is responsible for summoning citizens of Butler County to jury service. In addition, the office handles all requests for deferrals and medical excusals from jury duty.

The role of a juror is extremely important in our democratic form of government. Participation by all qualified citizens ensures the people, and not the government, are the arbiters of disputes where the freedom of the accused or the property rights of any citizen is at issue. By serving when called, you fulfill a vital service to the community and fellow citizens.

The Jury Management System utilizes a two-step process to qualify and summon jurors. Initially, individuals randomly selected from a combined "Master List" of voter registration rolls are mailed juror questionnaires. Eligible citizens are placed in the "Pool of Qualified Jurors." As the needs of the Court require, qualified jurors are selected at random and mailed a Summons to Appear for a specific service date.

On average, the Court utilizes the services of 5,000 jurors annually in the Criminal and Civil Divisions. Citizens summoned for service will report to the Butler County Government/Judicial Center. Obviously, not all jurors reporting for service are selected for trial cases. However, citizens who appear but are not selected have fulfilled his or her responsibility. Jurors fulfilling this obligation will be exempt from Jury Service for 3 years.

Trial by jury is a fundamental principle of our system of justice. Jury Service is therefore both an opportunity and an obligation of every United States citizen.


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