Program Descriptions




The District Attorney's Office prosecutes over 2,000 cases each year. Each case is individually handled by the District Attorney and/or an Assistant District Attorney from the Preliminary Hearing at the Magisterial District Justice Office through the Trial Level in the Court of Common Pleas through Appeals in the State and Federal Courts.



Phone: 724-284-5222

Fax: 724-284-5460

The County Detectives are the investigative tool used by the District Attorney and staff. The County Detectives investigate any incident assigned to them by the District Attorney. The County Detectives investigate each individual going through the court system for prior record and handle all investigations involving Butler County Row Offices and other facilities. The County Detectives also assist Butler County Municipal Police Agencies in investigations when requested, as well as the Pennsylvania State Police.


Victim Services Program:

Phone: 724-284-5232 or 724-284-5465

Fax: 724-284-9807

The Victim/Witness Program is designed to provide direct assistance to Victims,Witnesses and significant others through the Court Process. The Advocates notify all Crime Victims of Court dates, case status, victim rights and assist the prosecutors with various matters.

In providing services to our Victims and Witnesses in the Criminal and Juvenile Systems we follow the guidelines as provided by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Deliquency (PCCD).

These guidelines include, but are not limited to:

Courtroom Orientation Courtroom Accompaniement

Supportive Counseling Assistance with Restitution Issues

Crisis Intervention Victim Compensation Asssistance Program

Prior Comment Assistance with Victim Impact Statements

Intimidation Issues Community Referral Agency

Early Outreach Orientation of the Juvenile Court

Case status inquires Prior comment of charges and diversions

Appeal Information Prior comment of Disposition decisions

Witness Management Victim Impact Statements

Escape Information Restitution

Court Accompaniment Supportive Counseling

Dispositions and Disposition Review notification

Notification of significant actions and proceedings

SystemSupportive Counseling Crisis Intervention

Assistance with Intimidation Protection

Victim Compensation Assistance Program

Assistance with property returns

Assistance with transportation

Notification of Court Proceedings/SAVIN-Info/Victim Rights Notification



Savin designates Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification. It is a statewide program implemented by the PA Commission on Crime to assist victims of crime.

You may call 1-866-972-7284 or log and register to receive automated information about the inmate custody status of an offender. You will need a 4 digit pin number in your personal registration. The offender will not know you are registered and if you are not at home it will leave a message. You may also register more than 1 phone or email. You will need to know your pin number for any future inquiries.


Drug Task Force:

Phone: 724-284-5225
Fax: 724-477-1064
Anonymous Tip Line: 1-866-363-3784

Coordinator: Detective Timothy Fennell

The Butler County Drug Task Force was created by the District Attorney's Office in July, 1996. The Task Force is made up of two teams, one in the northern area of Butler County and one in the Southern Area. The Task Force is made up of officers from most of the municipalities in Butler County. Through the seventeen years of its existence, the Butler County Drug Task Force has made over 1,600 arrests, the Majority of which have been Felony arrests.

The Butler County Drug Task Force also conducts educational programs throughout the year. There are forty or more Drug Awareness Programs conducted by officers for the Task Force in schools, youth groups, businesses, fraternal organizations and other interest groups. The Drug Task Force is working to keep drug dealers off the streets of Butler County and has been a major contributor to drug enforcement in Butler County.


Butler County District Attorney Bad Check Program:

Visit the Web Site at for all contact information and requirements.


Domestic Violence:

Phone: 724-284-5232

Fax: 724-284-5447

The Domestic Violence Unit was established to provide comprehensive prosecution of domestic violence incidents, assist law enforcement agencies of Butler County with investigations of Domestic Violence and provide liaison and coordination with victims of domestic violence as their individual cases proceed through the system.


Butler County District Attorneys Office DUI Task Force:

The Program was established to educate drivers on dangers of Driving While Under the Influence. The field coordinator for the program is Sgt. Steve Hensel of the Butler Township Police Department. Using officers from several of the municipal police departments of Butler County, the program conducts checkpoints at various times of the year, conducts roving patrols to detect traffic offenses and unsafe driving which indicate persons who are then arrested and prosecuted by the Butler County District Attorney's Office.


Child Abuse Investigations:

The Butler County District Attorney’s Office joined with the Butler County Alliance for Children and the Butler County Children and Youth Office in instituting an investigative model for Child Abuse Investigations in January of 2014.  In January, 2015, the Butler County District Attorney assigned a Detective to coordinate and assist with Child Abuse Investigations.  This investigative model emphasizes a Child First approach and provides resources for the child victim.  As a tool for Criminal Prosecutions, County Criminal Investigators now have a center point at the District Attorney’s Office to assist them with these important investigations. 

To report Child abuse or neglect, contact Child Line at 1-800-932-0313.                                                              Mandated Reporters go to or 1-800-932-0313.                                  Contacts for the Butler County Alliance for Children are (724) 431-3689,                                                     CAC email: or Website: .                                                                           To learn more about protecting Pennsylvania’s children from abuse and neglect go to .


Adopt a School Program:

The Adopt-a-School Initiative is a model program developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The program is implemented throughout school districts in the United States and provides for instruction of schools by local police enforcement and other volunteers who conduct presentations and act as role models for youth stressing the importance of obtaining a good education, living healthy and drug free, and abstaining from violent and/or criminal behavior. This model not only addresses quality of life issues, but also attempts to bridge the gap between communities and law enforcement to create partnerships that support the healthy emotional and physical growth of our children.


Right to Know Law:

Requests for open records may be made in writing to:

District Attorney's Office, P.O. Box 1208 Butler, PA 16003-1208.

Detective Charles Barger, Open Records Officer.

ADA Patricia J. McLean, Esquire, Appeals Officer


Butler County District Attorney's Office Representative:

ADA Russell Karl

Contact person: Bonnie Zaludek

Phone: 724-284-5232



The Butler County Criminal Justice Advisory Board was formed and recognized by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency the summer of 2004. The purpose of having this group meet regularly is to continually monitor the Criminal Justice System of Butler County and its delivery of justice to all citizens of the County through the operation of the courts and the prison. The mission statement of the Board is the following:

The Principal Mission of the Butler County Criminal Justice Advisory Board is to Identify and prioritize strengths and deficiencies for the criminal justice system of Butler County; to seek out and formulate solutions and opportunities for improvement and to provide the forum through which to effectuate change on a system-wide basis.

The memberships include 24 voting members with the following positions:

President Judge of Butler

Judge Court of Common Pleas

Magisterial District Judge


Deputy Sheriff

District Attorney

First Assistant District Attorney

Public Defender

First Assistant Public Defender

Director of County Corrections

Chief Adult Probation Officer

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

Family Court Administrator

District Court Administrator

Assistant District Court Administrator

A County Commissioner

Chief Clerk

Clerk of Courts

Human Service Director

Mental Health Director

Drug and Alcohol Director

Information Services Director


Emergency Services Director

There are also 11 voting members from the community at large. These include...

2 member of the Butler County Bar Association

2 community leaders

2 human service/victim advocacy providers

1 criminal justice vendor

1 representative from Pennsylvania State Police

1 representative from local municipal law enforcement

1 representative from Butler County Chief of Police Association

1 representative from local government




Local Policy Board:

Phone 724-284-5232

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency requires the Local Policy Board (LPB). The main purpose of the LPB is to encourage collective decision-making on the improvement of local services for victims of crime. The LPB meet every other month to recommend the distribution of state and federal funds, specifically: RASA (Rights and Services Act), STOP (Violence Against Women) and Arrest Grant funds. The board provides an opportunity for individuals in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and victim services to collaborate, meeting the needs of victims at the local level and an opportunity to recommend the distribution of state and federal dollars to address those needs. The LPB is made up of Judicial, prosecutorial, victim services, court administration, mental health, clergy, children and youth services, probation and law enforcement groups.