Thomas J. Doerr
President Judge
William R. Shaffer
Timothy F. McCune
Kevin Boozel 
County Commissioner
Director of Administration
Candace Y. Graff
District Court Administrator
Tom M. Holman
Deputy District Court Administrator
Linnea Shields
Deputy District Court Administrator
Kevin Flaherty
Chief Public Defender
Richard A. Goldinger
District Attorney
Patricia McLean,
1st Assistant District Attorney
Lisa Lotz
Clerk of Courts
Joseph DeMore
Michael Slupe
Douglas E. Ritson
Director of Communitiy Corrections
Joyce G. Ainsworth
Director, Butler County Human Services
Charles Johns
Director, Butler County Children & Youth Services
Amy Peters
Director Butler County Mental Health
Donna Jenereski
Director Butler County Drug and Alcohol Services
Steven Bicehouse
Director, Butler County Emergency Services

Joyce Moore
Director, Butler Alcohol Countermeasures

James Venturini
Director, Information Services
Wayne Seibel
Magisterial District Judge
Michael Robb, M.A.
Center for Community Resources
John Bonando, Ph.D.
Slippery Rock University
Heidi Artman
Director, VOICE
Harry Callithen
Sheriff Deputy Sgt.
Lt. Chris R. Yanoff Pennsylvania State Police
Corporal Robert S. O'Neill
Cranberry Twp. Police Dept.
Chief Kevin Meyer
Butler County Chiefs of Police Association
Linda Franiewski
Executive Director
Gaiser Addiction Center
Paula Cirrincione
State Probation and Parole
Kierston Hobaugh
Executive Director of the United Way of Butler
Renee Anderson, Ph.D.
Walden University
Alexander H. Lindsay, Jr. Esq.
Butler County Bar Association
Kenneth R. Harris, Esq.
Butler County Bar Association
Adam Fencil
Family Court Administrator
Chuck Nedz
Butler Twp. Commissioner
Stephan K. Todd
Member at large
Denna Hays
Executive Director,
Child Advocacy Center
Shawn Pugh
Criminal Justice Planner
Member at large