CJAB Chair
CJAB Chair Elect
Committee Chairs
All CJAB Members are invited to attend Executive Committee meetings
  • Setting agenda for General CJAB meetings
  • Suggest topics for subcommittees
  • Review CJAB activity and suggest enhancement/modification
  • Plan for and coordinate strategic planning and development process
  • Assess progress towards short/long term goals
  • Conduct Annual Needs assessment of CJAB membership and court systems and services
  • Facilitate CJAB retreat/training
  • Provide technical assistance to the court, as appropriate
  • Receive and review services provided by CJAB Grant Writer/Criminal Justice Planner
  • Provide direction for program development and applications for funding
Dates/Times: Meetings are held as scheduled every other month, prior to the General Membership meeting.

Renee Anderson, Ph.D, Chair
  • Advertising and initial review of potential CJAB members
  • Preparation of slate for Chair Elect and members at large
  • Orientation of new CJAB members
  • Annual Review of Bylaws
Dates/Times: This committee meets as needed.

Tom Holman, Chair
  • Utilizing technology within the Court
  • JNET operations
  • Internal review of current and potential information systems for Criminal Justice
  • Prison technology needs - current and future designs
Dates/Times: This committee meets as needed.

Judge William Shaffer, Chair
Primarily Court and Probation personnel
  • Issues of implementation of IP programs
  • Policy and Procedures for IP sentences
  • Handling violations of IP sentences
  • Issues of technology for IP sentences
  • Pretrial supervision programs
  • New Programming and funding for IP
  • State Intermediate Punishment process
Date/Times: Monthly meetings as scheduled.

Lt. Kevin Meyer,Chair
Suggested membership is law enforcement due to the nature of topics being discussed
  • A forum for law enforcement to voice concerns/problems with CJS
  • Solicit opinions/suggestions to address problems concerning the CJS
  • To educate and inform law enforcement about the workings of the court and CJS
  • To provide a law enforcement viewpoint in the future planning/strategic development
  • To promote a more cooperative and collaborative criminal justice system
  • To update court on DUI checkpoint and other arrest procedures/projects
Date/Times: This committee meets as needed.

Richard A. Goldinger, Chair
  • Underage drinking programming
  • Violence prevention services for prisoners/offenders
  • Day Reporting services/updates
  • Domestic violence issues and services
  • DUI Court Treatment service issues
  • Updates on human services agencies and potential for court support
Date/Times: As scheduled unless otherwise notified by email.