County Property Tax


Butler County real estate tax is 20.688 mills plus 3.94 mills for debt service for a total of 24.63 mills.


The Butler County Treasurer's Office accepts current year county real estate taxes directly from the tax payers for all of Butler City, Valencia Borough and West Sunbury Borough residents, Callery Borough.


Collection periods are:

  • 2% Discount: March 1 through April 30
  • Face: May 1 through June 30
  • 10% Penalty: July 1 through December 31


Please contact the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau for all payment of all past taxes at (724)284-5326.


Effective July 1, 2008: A fee of $5.00 shall be assessed for current year real estate tax certifications.  This fee will be levied on a per parcel assessment basis and shall be due upon request being made.  


Past tax years certifications available from the Tax Claim Bureau.