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Butler County Prison
{Image of the Butler County Prison}
Richard T. Shaffer, Warden

Leonard Gamble, Deputy Warden of Operations
Email: lgamble@co.butler.pa.us

Phillip M. Shaffer, Deputy Warden of Security
Email: pshaffer@co.butler.pa.us

202 South Washington Street
Butler, PA 16003

Inmate Telephone Incorporated Information:

Upon commitment to Butler County Prison each inmate will be able to complete three (3) collect phone calls using the inmate phone system. These calls will be billed to the number called by the inmate. After these first three (3) calls an account must be set up with the phone system provider.
Inmate telephone service and video visitation is provided by Securus Technologies. To set up an account call 1-800-844-6591 or click here to visit their website.


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