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Genealogy Resources

   All records in these two offices, except adoptions or those sequestered by the Court, are public records & open for inspection during regular business hours. Self-made photocopies are currently 25 cents per page.
   Genealogy requests are handled by both offices on a limited basis & involve a minimal research fee. Research is performed upon receipt of the initial fee & responses are made within 24 hours unless circumstances prevent it. Applicants are contacted & informed of what records are available as well as the cost for copies.
   Records & times from which are available through these offices include:
Register of Wills' Probate/Estate records                           1800 -  Present
Orphans' Court Death Certificate records                           1893 - 1905 ONLY
Orphans' Court Birth Certificate records                             1893 - 1905 ONLY

Marriage license application records                                   1885 - Present

   Research fee costs can be found in the Fee Schedules.
   To obtain more indepth research or to get more detailed information, you will need to visit either of the sites listed below or engage a local genealogist.

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