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The intent of the Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) is to make available a Continuum of Services to persons who are at risk of becoming homeless (near homeless) or who are homeless.  Participants must demonstrate that with the prevention and intervention services provided by the HAP service components, they would be able to meet their basic needs in the immediate and near future.
Individuals or families are homeless if they:
  • Are residing in a group shelter, domestic violence shelter, hotel or motel paid for with public or charitable funds; mental health, drug or alcohol facility, jail or hospital with no place to reside: or living in a home, but due to domestic violence need a safe place to reside.
  • Have received verification that they are facing foster care placement of their children solely because of lack of adequate housing or need housing to allow reunification with children who are in foster care placement.
  • Are living in a "doubled-up" arrangement for six (6) months or less on a temporary basis.
  • Are living in a condemned building.
  • Are living in housing in which the physical plant presents life and/or health threatening conditions (e.g., having dangerous structural defects or lacking plumbing, heat or utilities).
  • Are living on the streets, in cars, doorways, etc.
Individuals and families are near-homeless if they:
  • Are facing eviction, having received either written or verbal notification from the landlord that they will lose their housing unless some type of payment is received.  Verbal notification must be followed up with written notification.
HAP funds are block granted to all 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Consolidation of the HAP funds permits counties to use the grant to fund any or all the following HAP service components:
  • Bridge Housing (Transitional Housing)
  • Case Management
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Rental Assistance
Bridge Housing Services
Bridge Housing, also known as Transitional Housing, serves Domestic Violence Victims who are in temporary housing to move to supportive long-term living arrangements.  The goal of Bridge Housing is for them to leave and enter the most independent life situation possible.  This component is designed to "bridge the gap between Emergency Shelter and stable, long-term housing.
Case Management Services
Primary services focus on coordination with the consumer of the helping activities needed by the consumer from the service provider agency and other resources in the community to achieve the foal of self-sufficient living.  Case Management begins with the Intake and Assessment process and includes setting goals in the areas of basic life skills, financial management, parenting skills, home maintenance, job preparation skills and/or employment skills. A major role of the Case Manager is to advocate for homeless or near homeless families in the social service and educational system and in the search for permanent housing.
Emergency Shelter Services
This component is defined as refuge and care to persons who are in immediate need and are homeless, i.e., have no permanent legal residence of their own. 
Rental Assistance Program
Provides payments for rent or mortgage arrearage for homes and mobile home owners, rental costs for mobile home and mobile home lots, security deposits, and for utilities to prevent and/or end homelessness or near homelessness by maintaining individuals and families in their own residences with case management as appropriate.
Emergency Shelter      
  • VOICe - 1-800-400-8551
  • The Lighthouse - 724-898-4673
  • Catholic Charities - 724-287-4011
Rental Assistance and Bridge Housing
  • Catholic Charities - 724-287-4011

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