What To Expect and Instructions On How To Vote at the Polls


  1. Do not discuss any political subjects inside the polling place.
  2. Your Registration Identification Card is not to be used for proof of voting eligibility. The Identification Card is only proof of registration when the card was issued.
  3. When entering the polls, the Election Officials at the table may ask you name, address, and possibly your birth date. In the Primaries you may also be asked your party affiliation.
  4. After determining you are eligible to vote, you will be ask to sign your name on the certificate inside the poll book. When doing this, check your address listed. If it is incorrect tell the Official, who will give you a Change of Address Card.
  5. After signing your name, you will be given a paper ballot and provided a private area to complete your ballot.


Please take a couple moments to watch the video below.  It is a demonstration of how to vote using the new voting system.