Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register to vote?

A:   There are numerous ways in which you can register to vote. You can...
  • When you apply for a driver license, renew your driver licenses or change your address on your drivers licenses
  • Register Online at VOTESPA.COM.
  • Check with your local Post Office, Library, Municipal Office or any Federal agency that offers assistance
  • Go to the Voter Registration Forms page for more information
  • Most any candidate or party committee members will have registration forms.
  • By calling the Registration Office 724-284-5308 or 724-284-5309 and requesting a registration form.
NOTE: Registration closes thirty (30) days prior to every primary and general election.

How do I request information?

To request Voter Registatration information, Campaign Finance Reports, or any pubic information related to Butler County Elections or Voter Registration 
you must complete the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM and submit to our office at:
Butler County Elections Bureau
P.O. Box 1208 Butler, PA 16003
You must also submit a copy of identification of the person submitting request.

How to find out if I am registered to vote?


If I missed voting last year am I still registered to vote?

A:   Under the new Pennsylvania Voter Registration Act you must be inactive for five (5) years.  Even then you will be notified before you are removed.

How do I find out information about the candidates?

A:   Listen or read what the news media has to report, more important go to the candidate debates or talk to the candidates personally. The Election Bureau will never give out information concerning candidates view points.

Why can I not vote in the primary if I am not registered as a Republican or Democrat?

A:   Pennsylvania has what is called a closed Primary, which only allows Republicans and Democrats to vote for candidates. If there is a referendum on the ballot, all registered voters may vote for the referendum regardless of party affiliation.

Why should I vote? Does it really mean anything?

A:   Your vote is very important. There have been many candidates in Butler County that have won the election by one vote. Click here for more information.

In the November Election, when I vote straight party, may I also vote for a candidate of another party?

A:   Yes, you may vote straight party and also vote for a candidate of another party. The tabulation system will count all of the straight party votes and for the office you voted for another party candidate, the system will not count the straight party vote, but will count the candidate of your choice.

How old do I have to be to get registered to vote?

A:   You have to be 18 years of age by the day after the ensuing election.

How do I vote by absentee?

A:   If you will be out of your municipality during the hours the polling places are open on election day or if you have an illness or physical disability that prohibits you from going to your poling place, then you may vote by absentee.  Click Here for more information on how to apply for and receive an absentee ballot.

When are the Polls open?

A:   From 7:00 A.M. continuously to 8:00 P.M.

How do I change my address or political party?

A:   Please visit the VOTESPA.COM website where you may choose to make any changes online or print and complete a New/Change Voter Registration Application form  and submit it to our office at Butler County Elections Bureau, P.O. Box 1208 Butler, PA 16003. Alternatively, this can be done through the renewal of your drivers license or by calling the Bureau of Elections at 724-284-5308 or 724-284-5309 to request a Party/Address Change form.
Q:   How to run for political office?
A:   Click here to find out more information on running for an elected office. You must call the Election Bureau in January of each year to see if the office you are interested in is up for election. Judicial, County, City, Township, Borough, and School District offices are always on odd number years. Federal, State and party offices are on even number years.