Domestic Violence


Approved Treatment


The Ellen O'Brien Gaiser Addiction Center, Inc.

165 Brugh Avenue, 

Suite 304

Butler PA  16001         

Phone: 724-287-7555      

Fax:  724-287-8005


The S.T.O.P. Program

(Substance Abuse Treatment Options

for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence) Offers:

  • Comprehensive Domestic Violence Assessment
  • Complete Chemical Use Assessment
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Introduction to Recovering Community


(Victim Outreach Intervention Center)

129 North Washington Street, 2nd Floor

Butler PA  16001

Phone: 724-285-8707

Fax: 724-285-8704


Mending Abuse .... YOU CAN CHANGE,

Help is available.  We can help you to: 

  • Change the beliefs and attitudes that perpetuate Domestic Violence.    
  • Realize how you create many of your own conflicts.
  • Take responsibility for YOUR actions and give up the blame.
  • Open your blinders as to how your behaviors impact your partner, yourself, your children and your relationship.
  • Give us your control tactics and your entitlement to use them.