Drug & Alcohol Day Reporting Center Intermediate Punishment Program


  • The Day Reporting Center Program (DRC) is a Restrictive Intermediate Punishment sentencing alternative that can accommodate approximately 18, Level 3 and 4 offenders.
  • These offenders must be pre-approved for the program (requirements).
    • If you are requesting to be sentenced to a term of Intermediate Punishment (IP) with the Day Reporting Center, you must have an interview with the Probation Office no later than seven (7) business days after receiving the requirements for the program. You must comply with the following requirements and bring proof with you to the interview:
      1. Complete a drug and alcohol evaluation and comply with any recommendation(s) that are made.
      2. Have a release of information signed for Butler County Adult Probation to receive treatment information.
      3. Provide proof of employment if applicable.
  • On the day of sentencing you must pass a drug and alcohol test by providing a urine sample and taking a breathalyzer test.
  • These offenders must reside in Butler County and meet the criteria for drug and alcohol dependency.
  • This Program allows them to remain in the community and receive appropriate substance abuse treatment, while abiding by all of the rules and regulations of the DRC.
  • The DRC is located at the Adult Probation office on Second Floor, County Government Center, 124 West Diamond Street in Butler.
  • While involved in this program the clients have both a Probation Officer and a Drug and Alcohol Case Manager.