Aid and Attendance Benefits


The Aid and Attendance Pension Program ( A & A ) provides financial assistance to those who lack funds necessary to provide the care they need. The program is available to physically disabled Veterans, or a surviving spouse. This benefit can include Alzheimer's Assisted Living, Personal Care or skilled Nursing Home. No the individual does not necessarily have to be placed in a nursing facility, however, it can be more complex if not. The program is income qualifying. However, processing time can take from 6 to 8 months from the date of application. One MUST qualify for basic PENSION before they can become eligible for Aid and Attendance. A huge misconception is that the benefit is retroactive to the date the individual was admitted into the nursing facility, this is false. Different rules apply to a veteran than a non-veteran. Basic rule of thumb is this: the benefit is retroactive to the month AFTER which application was made. In other words, you lose the month you apply.


Furthermore, A & A benefits are based upon the Net worth of the individual as well. Therefore, if an individual has Net worth (Stock, bonds, IRA, CDs, etc..) exceeding $80,000 or more then need not to apply. VA will deny that claim based upon substantial resources. VA does not count a persons’ house UNTIL IT IS SOLD, THEN VA COUNTS THE INCOME FROM THE SALE.


What is income? ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT A PERSON RECEIVES MONEY, including Social Security, interest income from all sources, pensions, retirements, dividends. EVERYTHING!!!!


This type of benefit is extremely complex and confusing. We have developed a “list” of documents required by VA for this benefit. Also there is a VA form required to be filled out by the attending physician as well.




Too often people attempt to apply for this on-their-own; and the benefit is delayed and delayed due to inappropriate application, missing documentation or people ignore VA’s letter of additional information.