Recycling Information


Recycling Information


Curbside recycling is available throughout all of Butler County's 57 municipalities per Butler County Ordinance 9201. Waste haulers are not permitted to grant a discount to anyone not recycling.


Some municipalities in Butler County also offer a spring and/or fall curbside leaf-yard waste drop-off site. You should call your municipality to find out if these services are offered.


Almost all of Butler County's municipalities have voluntarily passed Ordinances setting standards for the collection of recyclables and naming those items which shall be collected for recycling. This generally includes #1 and #2 plastics, food-type aluminum and bi-metal cans, and green, amber and clear glass. In addition, some haulers will also accept newspapers and other recyclables, however, citizens should contact their municipality and/or their waste hauler to find out their recycling collection schedule, to find out exactly what is collected and to find out how the recyclables are to be prepared for pickup.



Did You Know?

Butler County has the distinction of being the very first County in Pennsylvania (1992) with residential curbside recycling offered county-wide. Plus, our residents also enjoy the ability to choose the level of municipal waste collection service they feel meets their individual needs. Each licensed waste hauler offers different levels of service so that a family producing a small amount of waste does not have to pay the same as one producing a large amount of waste. So—the more you recycle, the more you can save in your waste service fees! Of course, the best way to save money is to reduce the amount of waste you produce.