Fee Schedule


Prothonotary Office of Butler County

Fee Schedule As Of January 1, 2015


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*Please note that the numbers beside each section of the fee schedule is for office use only.



AD Appearance Docket 1


Civil Suits

Writs of Summons, Assumpsit, Land Use Appeals, Quiet Title, Declaratory Judgement (relief), Zoning Appeals, Mortgage Foreclosures, Equity, Declarations of Taking, Mandamus, Replevin, Injunctions, Partitions, Specific Performances



Writ of Revival
Want to revive a judgment and person will not sign.


Appeal from District Justice also known as Objections to D.J. Decision
District Justice Limit ($12,000.00)




Certification of Discontinuance




Scire Facias (Sci.Fa.)



CP Common Pleas Docket 2


Judgment - Default


Judgment - Concent


Judgment - Confession


Agreement to Revive Judgment


Exemplification of Judgment
From another County to Butler County


Exemplification of Judgment
From Butler to another county


Transcript of Judgment
District Justice has filed for a judgment and party has not appealed, therefore a judgment can be filed.


Foreign Writ
Add $.50 for Garnishee, no matter how many


Satisfaction of Judgment


Satisfaction of Commonwealth Liens
May have additional costs if they have been revived


Judgment - Assignment


Recognizance Bond


Petition to Open Judgment



ED Execution Docket 3


Writ of Execution / Writ of Possession
Add $.50 for Garnishee, no matter how many



MSD Miscellaneous Docket 4


MSD Suits
Tax Assessment Appeals, Driver’s License Suspension Appeals, Mental Health, Name Change, petition for Unredeemed Real Estate, petition to confirm Arbitration Award


Miscellaneous Assurance


Petition for Issuance of Subpoena
Another county wants to subpoena someone from Butler County. Send instructions and Sheriff’s fee


Appeals to higher court
To Butler Co Prothonotary


To Higher Court Prothonotary



MLD Mechanics Lien Docket 7


Mechanics Lien Claim


No Lien Agreement



Municipal Lien 8


Municipal Lien Claim



FC Family Court 9



Divorces (Add $40.25 for each additional count as per Act 122 of 2002)


Custody Complaint


...and custody modification with no divorce pending


...and custody modification with divorce pending


Resume Maiden Name
Divorce must have been in Butler County


Contempt of Custody


Custody Agreement must have a complaint/custody
...With a divorce



...With no divorce





Other Costs


School Audit Report


Power of Attorney


Revocation of Power of Attorney


Federal Tax Lien


Certified Copy




Notary Signature


Notary Certificate



Attend and Testify or Production of Documents



Sheriff Deed


Financial Statement


Judgment Postponement


Judgment Release


Appeal of Arbitration


Copies (per pg.)


Microfilm Copies (per pg.)