Go Green


Go Green


Buy Recycled Products Locally


Why? Buying products made of recycled materials saves energy and resources and protects jobs! There are

approximately 3,247 recycling and reuse businesses in PA employing about 81,500 people. Annual sales receipts for

these businesses top $18.4 BILLION!


Buy Locally Grown and Organic Produce

Why? Buying locally grown produce supports local farmers and strengthens local economy. This saves energy and

natural resources. The average distance food travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles! buying organic produce

eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which eliminates this health hazard from our environment.


Alternative Cleaning Products

Why? Finding alternatives to household chemicals eliminates this health hazard from your home and eliminates the

need for disposal of these chemicals.


"Green", Eco-Friendly and Better Living Web Sites

Why? The organizations listed are just a few who offer wonderful ideas on recycling, saving energy, green building,

reducing the amount of waste produced in a home, etc. check them out and make a difference!