Civil Court


2012 Local Civil Court Rules


(Click Here) Rule L51 Title of Rules Purpose.

(Click Here) Rule L76 Definitions.

(Click Here) Rule L101 Principles of Interpretation.

(Click Here) Rule L205.4 Electronic Filing.

(Click Here) Rule L-205.2(b) Cover Sheet (Amended 10/17)

(Click Here) Rule L206.1(a)(2) Petitions.

(Click Here) Rule L206.4(c) Rule to Show Cause.

(Click Here) Rule L208.2(d) Uncontested Motions.

(Click Here) Rule L208.3(a) Motions Procedure - Motions Court.

(Click HereRule L212.1 Civil Actions to be Tried by Jury and by Non-Jury.

(Click Here) Rule L212.3 Pre-Trial Procedures.

(Click Here) Rule L216(c) Grounds for Continuance.

(Click Here) Rule L220.1 Voir Dire.

(Click Here) Rule L223 Conduct of Trial Generally.

(Click Here) Rule L230.2 Termination of Inactive Cases.

(Click Here) L-402 Service of Notice

(Click Here) Rule L430 Service Pursuant to Special Order of Court.

(Click Here) Rule L1018.1 Notice to Defend Form.

(Click Here) Rule L1028(c) Preliminary Objections.

(Click Here) L-1034(a) Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

(Click Here) L-L1035.2(a) Motion for Summary Judgment

(Click Here) Rule L-1141(b) Consumer Credit Foreclosure Program (Amended 10/17)

(Click Here) Rule L-1143 Commencement of Consumer Credit or Foreclosure Action (Amended 10/17)

(Click Here) L1143.1 Conciliation Conference in Consumer Credit  Action

(Click Here) Rule L1301 Arbitration.

(Click Here) Rule L1302 List of Arbitrators Appointment to Board. (Amended 10/17)

(Click Here) Rule L1303 Hearing Notice.

(Click Here) Rule L1304 Continuances.

(Click Here) Rule L1305 Authority of The Board Chairperson.

(Click Here) Rule L1306 Award.

(Click Here) L3129.1 Notice of Sale of Real Property.

(Click Here) L3256 Praecipe for Writ of Mortgage Foreclosure.

(Click Here) Rule L4008 Location of Depostion for Cases Files in Butler County. 


(Click Here) Rule L5000ff Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals. (With 2017 Amendments)



Butler County Civil Court Rules Forms


(Click Here) Complaint in Civil Action Cover Sheet

(Click Here) Motion Court Cover Sheet

(Click Here) Civil Case Status Report – J. Horan

(Click Here) Praecipe for Arbitration

(Click Here) Arbitration Status Report

(Click Here) Consumer Credit/Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Notice

(Click Here) Consumer Credit Affidavit of Service and Status

(Click Here) Consumer Credit Request for Conciliation Conference

(Click Here) Tax Assessment Appeals Cover Page

(Click Here) Tax Assessment Appeals Status Report

(Click Here) Tax Assessment Appeals Notice of Intervention and Entry of Appearance 

(Click Here) Tax Assessment Appeals Stipulation to Settle

(Click Here) Tax Assessment Appeals Proof of Service by the Intervenor

(Click Here) Tax Assessment Appeals Request for Hearing



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