Community Reintegration Program


Community Reintegration Program





The Community Reintegration Program is an offender program that was established in June of 2012 for sentenced inmates serving a sentence of three months or greater at the Butler County Prison. This program is of great importance because statistics demonstrate a high percentage of all offenders return to society from prison. In the case of a local prison, such as the Butler County Prison, many will return to their communities with needs and existing barriers. If nothing is done to aid in the rehabilitation, we increase their inclination to recidivate and return to jail. At $70.00 per day, the incarceration of an inmate in the Butler County Prison has a significant impact on tax payers, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of crime rate.



The program is geared towards assisting offenders in their rehabilitation as they transition to the community. The program places emphasis on addressing various needs of the offenders, reducing risk factors that contribute to one's incarceration, preparing the offender for parole through an array of treatment groups and/or additional services, and reintegrating the offenders into the community by giving them the opportunity to engage in external activities. The result of these efforts is to address the increased number of offenders returning to society from incarceration by reducing the recidivism rate amongst offenders in this community.



There are many variables that are critical to future success for those returning to society, but the most successful participants have also recognized the importance of using their time in the program to develop a healthy and mutually supportive relationship with their families, address addiction and other issues through treatment that might have interfered with them making good choices, take care of their physical and mental health needs, secure stable housing, proper documentation, and other prerequisites for healthy living. Successful offenders display two qualities that often allow them to overcome their reentry challenges: they are motivated and committed to do well by themselves and family to live law-abiding and productive lives, and related, they are open to receiving help and guidance from prison staff and community supports.





      Mission and Vision




         The mission of the Butler County Community Reintegration Program is to help integrate individuals back into

         society by providing necessary tools, support, and resources for their success in becoming productive citizens

         who are involved in a positive, healthy lifestyle.






         The vision of the Butler County Community Reintegration Program is that every participant in the program who

         transitions back into society from incarceration adopts a healthy, law-abiding, and productive lifestyle.







        Goal 1: To promote public safety through reducing criminal behavior and recidivism.

        Goal 2: To lower participants’ risk and needs scores through program participation.

        Goal 3: To promote participants independent living skills, at which point they are able to live responsibly and rely

                      less on social and human services.

        Goal 4: To rehabilitate and improve the outcomes of offenders in the area of mental health and substance abuse

                      both pre and post release.

        Goal 5: To increase employability, employment, and/or educational level after program participation.

        Goal 6: To expose participants to stable and safe housing after program completion.

        Goal 7: To reduce costs for the criminal justice system by reducing the costs of re-arrests and incarceration.




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