About Us


About Us


The Butler County Department of Recycling & Waste Management handles a wide variety of recycling,

waste and environmentally-related activities and plans. Basically, the Department:




·        implements Butler County's responsibilities under the revised Butler County Solid Waste Management Plan which was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on April 29, 2004

·        applies for funding to carry out departmental goals and plans

·        assists municipalities, businesses and institutions in developing recycling and waste management programs, applying for funding, instituting waste reduction programs, etc.

·        holds collection events for various hard to recycle items and hazardous waste

·        encourages and provides information related to the cleanup of illegally dumped waste and litter

·        licenses municipal waste, recycling, construction/demolition debris, sewage/septage and medical waste haulers that operate within Butler County

Butler County's Environmental Mission is to establish a sustainable community for the health and safety of its residents,

and through the Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan, demonstrate governmental leadership and responsibility

by promoting waste minimization, resource conservation and pollution prevention practices.





Butler County Department of Recycling & Waste Management
PO Box 1208, 124 West Diamond Street
Butler, PA 16003





S. Kelly, Environmental Specialist, Recycling & Waste Management Coordinator
Phone: (724) 284-5305
Fax: (724) 284-5315